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尼泊爾專案—聖約瑟夫學校 中英文 Nepal Earthquake St. Joseph’s School Appeal Chinese Subs

Nepal Earthquake Relief – From Everest Region Project

St. Joseph’s school is located on the outskirts of the capital city of Kathmandu in a village called Goldhunga. It  was established in 2000 and has over 290 students from preschool to 10th grade standard (SLC). Ages 4-15 years. Some students come from single-parent homes; most have difficult living conditions. The faculty consists of 14 teachers and 2 helpers, all of whom are underpaid. Amith Singh is the founder, and his wife, Indrani Pradhan, is the principal.

The area’s inhabitants are dependent on either agriculture or agricultural labors. The average annual income is low, and most families live below the poverty level. Therefore St. Joseph’s currently provides free school uniforms and education for 43 children (boys and girls).

Since 2011, we at Everest Region Project have helped supply educational and Christian books donated from Taiwan, eight new desktop computers with monitors, new doors for the classrooms and outside toilets, some new sports equipment, clothing, a ping pong table, and a book cabinet. We were also able to build a fence around the entire property.

In 2014, we brought more clothing, shoes, and school items, plus sponsored the constructing of playground equipment and undertook the re-plastering and repainting of the entire school. With the help of donations from concerned individuals, we were able to commission the making of new benches and tables for the students and refurnishing of the old desks and seats.
Our hope is that when these students graduate from school, we will have helped them to receive a good education and be well on the road to a career, so they can provide a decent livelihood for their families and become part of the future community.

Everyone has heard of the April 25th Nepal earthquake: Officials say the death toll from the 7.8-magnitude quake has now passed 5,000, but could reach 10,000. The UN has estimated that eight million people have been affected – more than a quarter of the population.

The community where the students come from is asking for the waivering of tuition for all 290 students since 95% of the village was destroyed and needing to be rebuilt, although the school itself was kept intact. These are the expenses for one year which the school is facing.



Rent for the year————————-NT$ 65,000

Teacher’s salary for 12 months —–NT$ 630,000

Stationery and teaching materials–NT$ 30,000

Tax – /—————————————-NT$ 50,000

Utilities  ————————————-NT$ 45,000

Total: —————————————-NT$ 820,000

Can you help? Please see

Thank you for your consideration!


Stephen Lee  for the Everest Region Project

台灣信望愛國際服務協會 銀行帳戶
銀行: 兆豐國際商業銀行 蘭雅分行

戶名: 台灣信望愛國際服務協會 FISAT

帳號: 01009026748




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