"No matter what my heart will be Yours forever and I will fight till the day I see You again. 愛是生命的動力!!! 信心!謙卑!希望! Love is the driving force of life!!! Confidence! Humility! Hope! "Love complete my life of living! The Spirit of Love never fails, and miracles happen when you have the faith to believe in love! Be true to what God has put in your heart and don't look to the left or to the right. Stay focused on what God says! Be calm and stable, but passionate with enthusiasm!

Let’s have Fun! The Discipleship Training Element School エレメントスクール

Try to remember, the great strength are respond to body, heart and soul,
just stay calm and resting in Him, you will be fine!
you have to conscientiously study, and learning operating with your body and mind, when we fight, we all responsible for each others, it does not matter who is mess it out, we all go down!

Focusing on the power is letting My Words and the power, you have in the keys dictate your life!

The more you listen to Me and the more of My thoughts and Words you receive and absorb, the better you will communicate with those around you, and the better listener you will become. Cultivate the habit, for it’s worth it!

Ask Me to confirm My will through prophecy, and I will. Then you can be sure, without a doubt, that you are doing My highest will.



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