"No matter what my heart will be Yours forever and I will fight till the day I see You again. 愛是生命的動力!!! 信心!謙卑!希望! Love is the driving force of life!!! Confidence! Humility! Hope! "Love complete my life of living! The Spirit of Love never fails, and miracles happen when you have the faith to believe in love! Be true to what God has put in your heart and don't look to the left or to the right. Stay focused on what God says! Be calm and stable, but passionate with enthusiasm!

Having fun to beat the game? Try this…

Kingdom Hearts 1 Part 1 Let’s Play!




FF 13 Lightning Returns Let’s Play SPIRIT WARS VERSION!

Phantom Pain and Illuminati: Calling for Warriors Without Borders!


Phantom Pain Illuminati Spirit Wars Part2

Kingdom Hearts Illuminati


One comment on “Having fun to beat the game? Try this…

  1. Michael Basham
    2016 年 03 月 23 日

    Hey! Someone has too much time on their hands to play video games! Ha. . . I hope we can find many who will want to join in the Spirit War and not just the video game war! God bless you dear sister, thanks for sharing. I love the site!

    Liked by 1 person


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