"No matter what my heart will be Yours forever and I will fight till the day I see You again. 愛是生命的動力!!! 信心!謙卑!希望! Love is the driving force of life!!! Confidence! Humility! Hope! "Love complete my life of living! The Spirit of Love never fails, and miracles happen when you have the faith to believe in love! Be true to what God has put in your heart and don't look to the left or to the right. Stay focused on what God says! Be calm and stable, but passionate with enthusiasm!

Angel Base Log 001

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

This is a fun little experiment with spiritual novelization!  Let’s see where it goes!  I’m experimenting with using hyperlinks in a story and linking real prophecies to fiction.  Most of the links are songs, though.   So let us begin!


My oh my where to begin? There’s just too much to factor in here so let me just pray first:   Jesus I need help to explain the situation. Characters upon characters and battles upon battles and romances upon romances, we’re all confused at this point as to what is going on. But please make this clear, Amen.

And I felt Jesus calm me down as I began to type out what had happened as best as possible. Nothin’ like Jesus calming you down to help put things in order!

It had all started about 5 weeks ago, actually I’m going to let my friend…

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