"No matter what my heart will be Yours forever and I will fight till the day I see You again. 愛是生命的動力!!! 信心!謙卑!希望! Love is the driving force of life!!! Confidence! Humility! Hope! "Love complete my life of living! The Spirit of Love never fails, and miracles happen when you have the faith to believe in love! Be true to what God has put in your heart and don't look to the left or to the right. Stay focused on what God says! Be calm and stable, but passionate with enthusiasm!

ANGELS! A Word Study


The “Veil"

Under normal circumstances, a veil or gulf exists between the spirit world and the earthly plane in which we presently exist. However, God, on occasion, opens or lifts this veil in order to reveal things or give special assistance to His children.


Just think of all the angels and the holy spirits that are interested in us, that are all around [us]. … But they have to operate under certain rules and they can’t put in too many personal appearances or speak out loud unless on some very rare occasions they are allowed to. … Most of the time we just have to believe without seeing anything — except we certainly can see how the Lord has worked.

God has laid down certain restrictions and limitations on what [those] in the spirit world can do for those who are yet in the material, physical world and earthly life. He wants you to believe in things unseen because of His Word and to have faith in Him and Heaven and salvation purely through faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7; Romans 10:17). For if you could see all that is around you in the spirit world, it would be too easy to believe. — And it also might frighten you as you see how the Enemy [the Devil] is operating, as well as the angels of God and the holy spirits of God!

        You are usually spared these scenes and the sights and sounds of the spirit world unless you particularly need them for some reason on some particular or special occasion, when you desperately need to see or to hear something to encourage your faith or to guide you or counsel you or direct you or warn you.

        Normally ghosts are not allowed to appear. … Those are the rules of the game, unless it’s some kind of an emergency. They’re restricted from appearing or speaking audibly or touching or making any kind of physical manifestation unless it is some kind of extreme emergency. You’ll find in most cases, ghosts, angels or spirits have not appeared to people unless it was really something very drastic. In other words, when nothing else could stop them, when nothing else could get through to them but an audible voice or a personal appearance or touch or feeling. [8]


So [the spirits] are to remain unseen and unheard and even unfelt, except in spiritual manifestations, such as dreams and visions and the still small voices with which [they] speak within your mind and heart, so you will continue to depend entirely on His Word and faith in Him without any other proofs except His constant, faithful, never-ending care, provision and protection.


The Great “Cloud of Witnesses"


The eleventh chapter of the New Testament Book of Hebrews is an inspiring account of the faith and exploits of many of the most outstanding men and women of God who appear in the Old Testament. Immediately following this listing of heroes and heroines of faith, we are told in the first verse of the next chapter,


        Seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1).


Regarding this passage of Scripture, David wrote,


The original [manuscript of the New Testament] was not divided into chapters, so you’ve got to keep in mind the chapter before this in order to know what “great cloud of witnesses" he’s talking about. — All the saints [13] who have already gone on to be with the Lord! And they’re not only watching us, they’re praying for us!

Immediately after having listed [those in] God’s great Hall of Fame and many of the great saints already gone to be with the Lord, he [St. Paul] says: “Seeing therefore we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses!" That ought to thrill your hearts to know that they’re watching and they’re cheering for you and rootin’ for and prayin’ for you!

They’re all praying for us and they’re all watching us, and every now and then God sends one of them down to give us a hand if we need some extra help! They are like our cheering section on the heavenly bleachers cheering for the team, and when you win a battle they really cheer and rejoice! When you win a soul, all the angels in Heaven rejoice, praise God!

        Think how wonderful it is that there are millions up there, all watching and praying for you, and lots of them coming down to help you! This is really where the action is! This is where the big test is going on. Once you get over There, well, there is more in store for you, but this is the primary test. — This is what the whole universe is watching, the big game!

They’re all watching! They’re all rootin’ for you! … Imagine how much they must jump up and down and shout when you do the right thing! Every time you win, every time you make a goal, every time you win a soul. I imagine they yell and holler as much as the football crowd does! Why not? They’re still human!


A striking example of this “cloud" of spiritual helpers that encompasses God’s children is found in the Old Testament story of when the prophet Elisha awoke one morning to find that the king of Syria had sent “a great army" to capture him. Upon seeing thousands of enemy soldiers surrounding the city in which they dwelt, Elisha’s servant panicked, until the Lord removed the veil between the spiritual and physical realms and opened his eyes to behold the far more powerful heavenly host that was at that same moment surrounding them:


        And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do? And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray Thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha (2 Kings 6:15-17).


In one of his recorded prayers, David made reference to this biblical example:


The Lord told us one time to thank Him for His angels that guarded and protected us! … Thank You, Lord, for Thy many counselors and the multitudes Thou hast given us at our disposal and our command. Open their eyes as You did the young man to see the multitudes of Thy host! … Thank You for these who work with us within the veil and the Fifth Dimension!

[David often referred to the unseen spiritual realm as the “fifth dimension," as compared with the four dimensions of our present earthly world: height, breadth, depth and time.]


Another reference to many of these heavenly “witnesses" can be found in the following Scripture passage, where a roll is called of the inhabitants of God’s great Heavenly City, New Jerusalem:


        But ye are come unto Mount Sion, and unto the City of the living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in Heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, And to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant (Hebrews 12:22-24a).


“Ministering Spirits" — God’s Holy Ghosts


The good spirits or “holy ghosts" who compose the “cloud of witnesses" around God’s children are not merely witnessing or observing our activities, but they are assigned by the Lord to actively assist and minister to those of us who are still alive here on earth.


“What do you mean? — You believe in ghosts?" Yes, I believe in ghosts! I especially believe in the Holy Ghost and all [God’s] holy ghosts, and all His departed saints and the good spirits of the Lord, that we are “encompassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses!"


He’s got millions of angels and billions of good, saved spirits, holy spirits, holy ghosts! Every departed saint that’s gone to be with the Lord — including those still working down here — is a holy ghost!


The good spirits not only go to Heaven to be with the Lord, but are also operating in the spirit world here, helping us! That we know through personal experience.


Apparently they are on assignment. They don’t just drift around in space with no place to go, nothing to do, and not knowing what their specific duties are. … They’re all so busy! There are a lot of places where they’re working, not only in this world but in the world of the spirit.


Look how that perpetuates the wisdom and the talents and the gifts that God has given each individual! Those marvelous talents and abilities are not lost and gone forever way off in some heavenly places. … They [are used to] continue to minister.


Oh, we go up to Heaven for a little while if we die now; we go up to be with the Lord in heavenly places … [but afterwards] an awful lot of us stay right here in a heavenly sphere in another dimension right here on this earth, only in the spirit world, and stay here and help others, as many helpers are helping us right now.

        These departed saints are obviously still extremely active agents or angels of God, messengers.


God’s Great “Lending Library" of Departed Saints


David envisioned these spirits as a vast array of gifted personalities from all ages whom the Lord calls on and assigns to assist His children as special needs arise.


        It’s like a lending library of God’s saints who are, you might say, arranged on heavenly shelves, and you can just pull down any one you need any time — or the Librarian can. God’s the Librarian, or His Spirit is. He can hand you any one that you need at any time. Can you imagine! Think how many spirit-books He’s collected by this time!

        We’ve got the benefit now of such a tremendous collection of departed saints, men of God, great men of wisdom, administrators, kings, prophets, psalmists and what have you! Look what a collection God’s got by this time! — Of all these that have gone on to be with Him! Why, He’s got people available for anything you want to know, for anything that needs to be done.

        He [the Lord] can call on anybody to give you whatever you need; you just need to want it and receive it and have the faith to give it. … “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7-8).


We have at our disposal the wisdom of the ages and the sages, the wisdom of all the kings and all the prophets that have ever lived. … What a collection He’s got by this time! … All those that have ever lived are at our disposal. What a great company!

        What a great cloud of witnesses! You know what a cloud is composed of? It is composed of billions of tiny little particles of moisture, water, the water of life, symbol of the Spirit and Word of God!


(Communicating with Heavenly Messengers! [#3048])


Each person is born with three angels.

The three angels are assigned when the baby is first created.


One angel is to pray for them through their life-as the prayer will help to influence the baby and growing child.


The second angel is the guardian or protector angel, to protect the person through life.


The third angel influences their thoughts. This angel is always trying to help them to make the right choices and decisions, and to give them the strength to do so. This is the angel of the heart and conscience.


The three angels are assigned at conception*, because the prayers and protection are needed from then on. (*conception: when pregnancy begins)


There are also times when I assign other spirit helpers to help these three angels. These spirit helpers also help to guard and protect, to pray, and to influence the mind and heart of the person in their care.


I provide this help from the spirit world for all. But, should a person make the choice to reject this help …


… or choose to do evil over good, then this will limit his or her angels in the help that they can give.


When you make the right choices and yield to My Spirit, you strengthen the communication between you and My angels and spirit helpers, and open yourself to receive this positive help from them.


When one chooses to reject good and to do evil, they are cutting themselves off from these who could help them.



The prayer angel is always facing Me and interceding for the one he or she is assigned to.


She also prays for the other guardians, helpers and ministering spirits who are assigned to the person.


For you, My children, who live to do My work and My will, I pray for you always from the courts of Heaven.



Those who live for Me and choose to do good can have more than one prayer angel or prayer warrior, just as they can have more than one protector and more than one counselor.


The greater responsibility people have, and the more they give, the more helpers and angels they receive.


They can get them by asking, or they’re assigned to them. You receive help according to the need.



You, children of David, who give your whole life to Me, who are constantly witnessing, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help you stand strong through the trials and fight the battles you face.


You are given: angels of courage, angels of wisdom, angels of miracles …


… angels to help you receive prophecies


… angels to help you have faith, to persevere


… angels that help to heal


… angels that even give you physical strength.


Some of you have a host of angelic helpers.



Some angels are just on short assignment.


For example, when you go on a dangerous mission you are even given a band of warrior angels to protect you from harm, robbers and mishaps.


And when you fight heavy spiritual battles you are also given warrior angels to help you through your battles.



There are even angels assigned to your houses and cars so that when you travel they go with the car to protect it and you from danger.


Your angel that is always beholding My face prays for you while you travel and can request extra protectors to travel with your vehicle.


Your prayer angel also influences you to pray, reminding you to pray for your safety while you’re traveling and to be on guard, as well as giving you many prayer reminders throughout the day.



Your prayer angel can also pray through you when you don’t know what to pray for or how to pray.


Your personal prayer angel is very, very busy! This angel has one of the most important jobs in Heaven …


… because I hear their prayers and effect change according to their prayers and your prayers.



My Word says,

“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in Heaven” (Matthew 18:10).


This is an example of how your prayer angel is watching over you. (End of message from Jesus.)

(Prayer Angels! [#138])


  1. THE THINGS AND POWER AND CONFLICTS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD–THE REAL WORLD WHERE WORLD DESTINIES ARE BEING DECIDED by the struggles of the spirits and archangels–this is what is really important! Our daily lives and the world’s future are being influenced by the battles in the spirit world between the Lord and His angels on the one hand, and the Devil and his angels on the other.


  1. AND ALTHOUGH I COULD HARDLY BEGIN TO FULLY DESCRIBE THE SPIRITUAL REALM OF THE NOW MUCH LESS THE FUTURE, IT MAY BE THAT THE LORD WILL PERMIT ME TO TELL YOU OF THE THINGS HE HAS SHOWN ME to try to help you understand more about this great and mysterious subject! For He has begun to help me put the pieces together of this great puzzle, His conduct of affairs in the spirit world, due to my personal experiences in this realm which have aroused my interest and shed new light on the subject–some of which I will now try to share with you.


  1. IN YEARS GONE BY I FOUND THAT MANY SYSTEM CHRISTIANS, PASTORS AND BIBLE TEACHERS WERE AFRAID OF THE SUBJECT because they felt it bordered on spiritualism or spiritism, and that talking about the personal appearances of angels or of saints long dead sounded to them too much like having to do with familiar spirits, dealing with evil spirits and devils, which God’s Word condemns, along with witchcraft and wizardry. But may God forgive us for condemning the entire spirit world and being afraid of knowledge of it, just because the Devil uses it, along with his demons. That would be like some narrow-minded churches which refuse to use music just because the Devil uses it! If we stopped using everything the Devil uses, there wouldn’t be much left–not even for God!


  1. TRUE–WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, AND DEALING WITH EVIL FAMILIAR SPIRITS, DEMONS AND DEVILS ARE CONDEMNED by God; but this does not mean that we are supposed to blind ourselves, ignore, and shut ourselves off completely in ignorance to God’s Own marvelous spiritual world in which He Himself dwells with His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit, all His ministering spirits, the angels–2/3 of the spirit world (Revelation 12:4)–and all the millions of the spirits of the departed saints!


  1. WHY SHOULD WE BE LEFT IN DARKNESS by the damned preachers who withhold the Truth and the Light from the people regarding the wonderful world of His spirit–the only real world there is–the eternal, everlasting world–the Spirit Realm–the Heavenly Plane–the fifth Dimension–that thrilling and exciting and marvelous world of the spirit! Unseen that is, usually, by the natural eyes of man, particularly those of the unbelieving, material-minded Systemites!


  1. EVEN A LOT OF SCIENTISTS TODAY SEEM TO HAVE MORE FAITH IN IT THAN SOME OF THESE DAMNED PREACHERS, and are speaking of ESP–extra sensory perception–telepathic communication, deja vu, etc., and are saying that it is entirely possible, as Einstein was trying to prove, that there is another dimension–another world–which could be quite scientifically co-existent with this one, and even all around us!

(Out of This World! [#0686])


  1. I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT WHERE ALL THESE GODS & GODDESSES COME FROM THAT ARE IN THESE HEATHEN RELIGIONS. Of course, the evil ones are generally attributed to the Devil’s forces, his angels & officers of his forces. We have already dealt with the idea that God not only has good angels, He also has the good saints who become like angels in the Afterlife, some of them very important saints, important spirits, good spirits, like angels, part of the forces of God–& so important He says we’re even going to judge angels! (1Co.6:3)


  1. SOME OF US & THEM ARE GOING TO JUDGE THE ANGELS, THE CREATED SPIRITS! Some of the human saints who passed on, such as perhaps the Patriarchs, Prophets, great men & women of God of all time, will be considered so important that they will even be appointed judges of angels! Who do we know who is a very good saint who has passed on who’s had a great deal to do with our lives? (Maria: Grandmother.) But I mean who daily assists us & who is continually with me? (Maria: Abrahim.) Abrahim!


  1. THESE DEPARTED SAINTS ARE OBVIOUSLY STILL EXTREMELY ACTIVE AGENTS OR ANGELS OF GOD, MESSENGERS, AGENTS. For example, wouldn’t you call Abrahim one of the officers of God’s forces?–An apparently very powerful spirit in God’s pantheon of great spirits, His gods, good gods. Angels were frequently called gods, & the angels, in other words, are the Lord’s good gods, the lesser gods. They were considered gods!


  1. (MARIA: THAT REMINDS ME, THE LORD NAMED THE SEVEN ANGELS AROUND YOUR BED one time as being Moses, Abraham, Abrahim, Adam, Noah, David & Daniel, remember?) No, where’s that? (Maria: It’s already published in “Singapore Sailor!") (No.1262:33) And isn’t Michael our Archangel? (Maria: He’s like the boss of’m all, I guess!) Yes, he’s an Archangel. Archangels, of course, sound more like they were the original created angels who were in existence before man.


  1. IF SOME OF GOD’S SAINTS ARE NOW EVEN GREATER THAN THE ANGELS OF GOD, who are sometimes referred to in the Scripture as gods, then couldn’t some of the Devil’s forces & his leading demons & leading devil gods be some of his departed evil human spirits who have gone on into the other World & are still working & fighting on his side?–If God’s good saints have become angels of God, even greater than angels, in other words, lesser gods of God–why can’t the Devil’s evil saints become part of his evil spirits?


  1. OBVIOUSLY THROUGHOUT ALL HEATHEN PAGANISM & IDOLATRY, ETC., THE DEVIL’S DEMONS & DEVILS HAD NAMES, & SATAN HAS HIS ARCHANGELS & GREAT ANGELS & GENERALS & CAPTAINS & LEADERS OF HIS FORCES. Therefore couldn’t some of these so-called gods be some of these departed saints of the Devil, evil spirits working for the Devil in the other World just like good spirits working for God?


  1. AND THE STRANGE THING ABOUT IT IS that I have found a number of names of people who lived & were in the Bible & ancient history, whose names very closely resemble the names of heathen gods & demon gods & evil gods, who possibly are those same outstanding evil people in the Old Testament who have gone on into the other World & become very likely demon gods or evil angels of Satan! It stands to reason, I mean it’s perfectly logical!


  1. IF THE DEPARTED SAINTS OF GOD BECOME LIKE ARCHANGELS, EVEN GREATER THAN ANGELS, greater powers, with greater power & leaders of forces, such as Abrahim–in a sense he’s sort of a leader of our forces, our leading guiding angel–then why couldn’t some of the departed saints of the Devil & chief opponents of Christ & anti-Christs of this human race have gone on to the other World & become chief officers, agents, emissaries, messengers & forces of Satan?


  1. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS!–A lot of these little ridiculous annoying pestering mischievous spirits, & the similarity between the names of some of the famous people in the Old Testament who it sounds like may have given their names to some of the heathen gods of later date. I mean, that would just explain a lot of things!


  1. FOR EXAMPLE, WHEN GABRIEL WRESTLED WITH THE PRINCE OF PERSIA, that’s been taken to mean, of course, that the Prince of Persia was one of the Devil’s angels, the spiritual ruler of Persia. Who knows but that perhaps he was a former king of Persia on the Devil’s side, who after being so loyal to the Devil in this life, was made a prince over Persia in the Afterlife? Why not? (Dan.10:13)


  1. SEE, THE DEVIL & ALL HIS ANGELS HAVE NOT YET BEEN JUDGED. They have not even yet been cast out of Heavenly places to the Earth as they will be at the time of the Antichrist & the Abomination of Desolation & the Image set up at the beginning of the Tribulation. It is only at that time, according to Revelation, that the Devil & his angels are cast out of Heaven to the Earth & he’s very angry! (Re.12:9,12) This is when he possesses the Antichrist & pursues & persecutes the Church, because they are not cast out until then. This is only one step in their demotion. Earth is their last step or stepping-stone before they’re also cast into Hell, into bondage, like Satan in the heart of the Earth for a thousand years.


  1. SO THAT IF EVEN THE ANGELS OF SATAN & PERHAPS SOME OF HIS DEPARTED EVIL CHARACTERS WHO LIVED FOR HIM FAITHFULLY & LOYALLY, liked the Devil, & helped to create Hell on Earth in this life, if the time of their final judgement & their final fate has not yet come, why could they not continue to serve him in the Afterlife? As the evil spirits said to Jesus, “Art Thou come to torment us before the time?" (Mt.8:29)–What time?–The coming time when they will be judged & damned & punished!–The Great White Throne Judgement! (Rev.20:11-15)


  1. NOW WHEN DOES THAT TIME BEGIN? Jesus came & was casting out demons in this time, the era in which we are living now, the Last Days. Well, there’s not any particular period during these Last Days that the Bible speaks of at all as having become a time of the judgement of the evil spirits or devils or demons or even Satan himself. This is all left to the time of the coming of Christ, & then the return in the Battle of Armageddon at which time Satan’s forces are completely vanquished & Satan is imprisoned in the heart of the Earth. And not until the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog are all the wicked & evil raised to the judgement.


  1. SO IF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF THE WICKED DOES NOT COME UNTIL AFTER THE MILLENNIUM & THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, then could it be that some are allowed to remain as the Devil’s angels, agents, & serve him in the Afterlife, just like Abrahim & many other saints of God are serving God in the Afterlife right now already? (Maria: They’ve got to have something to do, some work.) That would certainly explain a lot of things, including ghosts that do evil!


  1. THERE ARE GOOD GHOSTS & BAD GHOSTS, as everybody knows, or should know. There are ghosts who do good & ghosts who do evil. The Bible confirms that certainly there are good spirits of departed humans who are still busy working for the Lord. Why then couldn’t there be evil spirits of departed humans still working for the Devil on the other side, since the time of their judgement will not come until after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Great White Throne Judgement?


  1. IN OTHER WORDS, IF GOD HAS HIS HONOURED SAINTS & POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCES CONSISTING OF SAINTS, DEPARTED HUMANS, ON THE OTHER SIDE, WHY NOT ALSO THE DEVIL? Why could he not also be allowed to receive into his kingdom, the Dark Kingdom, his departed faithful & loyal evil to serve him there until the final day of judgement? Although some may be cast immediately into judgement or flames or suffering now, who knows but what perhaps God has allowed others to serve the Devil just like the Saints are serving the Lord right now?


  1. –WHICH WOULD ALSO ACCOUNT FOR THE SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE NAMES of some of the famous evil characters of history & the names of some of these old mythological gods. Some of that history about their shenanigans & all their tricks & capers were perhaps while they were still humans, & others after they became evil spirits in the Afterlife.


  1. IN OTHER WORDS, SATAN HAS HIS SAINTS TOO!–SATAN’S SAINTS!–That would be a good title for this! Satan’s Saints, his separated set apart ones.–Saint meaning separated, set apart. Of course, in our context it means holy, made pure, set apart. Well, they are wholly devoted to the Devil, purely his & set apart for his use!


  1. IN THE STUDY OF MYTHOLOGY & THESE PANTHEONS OF THE VARIOUS GODS OF THE ANCIENTS, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc., some of these names have a very striking resemblance to historical characters of ancient history. Perhaps they passed on to the Netherworld where they became saints of the Devil!


  1. THIS WOULD REALLY BEGIN TO EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE DEVIL’S KINGDOM & HOW IT’S ORGANISED & how he operates & how he uses perhaps even some of the agents he had on this Earth in human form after they have departed into the next World. It might be a bit too optimistic to believe that every single evil-doer & every one of the wicked go immediately into the flames of Hell! Maybe they do, but maybe they go in & out, who knows, & continue to perform Satan’s dirtywork loyally & faithfully on Earth as they have when they were alive in human form.


  1. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE EVIL GHOSTS–of which we know there are many in operation–people who obviously lived in this life but came back as evil spirits, but not the original angels of Satan. In other words, God has His angels & departed saints, why not the Devil? We know the Devil has his angels, why not also his departed saints still serving him until the day of judgement. Because Satan is not finally cast into the Lake of Fire until the Great White Throne Judgement.

(Satan’s Saints! [#1423])


  1. The key lies in getting to know your spirit helpers personally–not just those whom I have given for the Family worldwide, but also your own personal, specially-trained-and-suited-to-fit-your-particular-needs spirit helpers. You have a spirit helper to stand charge over every area of your life. Yes, you have your three that were given you from birth–the angel of your thoughts, your guardian angel, and your prayer angel. But there are so many more angels and spirit helpers who stand by you through every phase of your life. Some are only on call when you need them. Some never leave your side. Some are only commissioned to assist you for a certain period of time or growth. Others have been with you since you were formed in Heaven. (See ML #3325:32-38, GN 930.)
    22. The key is in getting to know your spirit helpers and the specifics about them. Get to know their names and ask them what they do, what charge they take over your life, and then counsel with them as to how you can do better in that particular area. You don’t have to try to discover them all at once, so take it one step at a time.
    23. Let’s say that right now you’re having difficulty with the many changes that are being brought into the Family and your life by My hand. I can guarantee you that standing by your side right now is your own personal angel of change‚ the one who helps you adjust and adapt easily to changes, the one who can give you explicit counsel on how to yield to the winds of change, how to see changes through My eyes, and how to accept each change as from My hand.
    24. By discovering this spirit helper and receiving that helper’s instruction regarding the changes you are facing, you would be taking an offensive approach to the battles. You would not just be reacting to events and defending yourself from the blows of the Enemy, but you’d be raising a standard against him; you’d be lifting up this new weapon of power from your spirit helpers and you’d be blasting its shells of destruction in his face. By learning to receive specific battle plans from your spirit helpers‚ you are learning to be an offensive fighter. By following through on the counsel they give you, you are learning to become an offensive warrior of My Spirit.

           25. (Question:) Does the Lord automatically give certain personal spirit helpers to all of the Family without us asking for them? We know that the Lord automatically gives us, at birth, the three spirit helpers or angels: the guardian angel, angel of the heart, and our prayer angel. But are there others that the Lord just gives automatically when He knows we need them? From things the Lord has said in these messages, it sounds like the Lord often dispenses spirit helpers without people knowing or having to ask for them.26. (Jesus:) Ahhh, the mystery of the spirit world. It’s so complex and hard for your human minds to understand. You want to be able to put everything in a box, to hang a label on everything, and I understand that. It’s human nature. But in the realm of the spirit there is so much variety, and hardly anything is so black and white.
    27. Yes, there are certain spirit helpers and angels that everyone has–such as those that I have revealed, like the prayer angel, the guardian angel, the angel of your thoughts and conscience, your praise angel and others. Then there are some angels and spirit helpers that you can have if you ask for them. But at times I also give out spirit helpers even without My brides asking for them.
    28. Often when I finally reveal a spirit helper to one of My brides, I will say that that particular spirit helper has been with them for some time, unbeknownst to them. But once they become aware, their spirit helper’s powers increase. So in those cases, I saw the need and appointed the spirit helper, even though the mortal was unaware.
    29. So it works both ways. Sometimes I know the need is great, so I give a spirit helper, regardless of whether or not there is a desire on the part of My bride. But sometimes I wait for the petition‚ for the request, for the acknowledgment of need. It depends on many factors, but My distribution of spirit helpers is just as fair–according to the need‚ according to My will.
    30. Sometimes I give spirit helpers to the entire Family, across the board–such as the praise angels. But most of the time I do not. Not everyone needs every type of spirit helper or angel at all times; sometimes, due to circumstances and conditions and battles, the needs are greater than at other times.
    31. When I say, “I can guarantee you that standing by your side right now is your own personal angel of change," the key in understanding this is the sentence before it that says, “Let’s say that right now you’re having difficulty with the many changes that are being brought into the Family and your life by My hand." You see, if one of My brides is in this position, and they’re really struggling with the changes, because they didn’t know there were angels of change available to them, I would guarantee that I have given them one, unbeknownst to them. That doesn’t mean that I have given every Family member an angel of change–but those who have been really struggling have received this extra spirit help, whether they know it or not.
    32. That’s how things work in the spirit. For example, if someone is not battling jealousy, I probably wouldn’t give them an angel or spirit helper to fight jealousy–although those who struggle with this battle have someone in the spirit world who assists them, even though they might not have specially asked for one. I know that My brides can’t remember at all times to ask for every single spirit helper they need, so sometimes I dispatch them because I know they’re needed, and as human beings you’re not always going to know exactly what or who to ask for. (End of message.)
    [End of box]
    33. This is the way to offensively use this new weapon of the spirit helpers I’ve given you. Don’t just pray for their help to deliver you when faced with a huge battle or problem, but allow them to get actively involved in your life. Allow them to help you preempt attacks. Allow them to show you how to actually prevent yourself from getting hit in the same area again and again. They are your personal battle coaches for any battle you could face.
    34. You might even be facing a very physical battle or challenge, such as a battle over weight loss, or simply trying to take better care of your body. If you have a weakness or a need, you can bet I’ve made ample provisions for you. You have specific keys you can claim for those needs as well. Yet you also have specific spiritual coaches you can counsel with, and whose power you can avail yourself of. So ask Me for a spirit helper who can coach and train you in the ways of caring for your body. Chances are you already have one.
    35. Then get personal with them. Ask them your questions. Tell them how it’s difficult for you to do such and such. Ask for their help, resolve, willpower and determination to do better. Then accept whatever counsel they may give you. Ask them for specific instruction on how you can do better and overcome in this area. Ask them for specific goals for you, and they will be more than happy to use their talents for your benefit. That’s what they’re there for anyway–to be on call, to be used, to enhance your life, to be a blessing to you.
    36. Can you imagine yourself passing on to your heavenly reward and being given the mission of being a spirit helper to one of your fellow men on Earth, and yet that person never knew you existed, never even asked for your help, never availed themselves of what you had to offer them? Of course, you would still be able to work in their life to some degree. You’d still be able to bring about some change in their life. But how much greater the effect would be when the two of you are working together, when the two realms have locked arms in friendship and trust and are moving forward together! There’s no comparison.
    37. To put it very bluntly‚ the way to use your spirit helpers offensively is to just use them. Many people seem to get bogged down with all the new spirit helpers that are continually being revealed‚ and then to top it off, the countless many that I have given them personally. They figure if they can’t remember them all, then they might as well quit and not even try. It can seem mind boggling when you look at all you’ve been given and realize that you must use it all in order to be the warriors and disciples I’m asking you to be.
    38. But, My loves, I’m not asking you to do more than you can handle. I’m only asking you to take one step of progress at a time. I’m not asking you to tackle every single weapon at the same time, in every single moment of your day. I know what you can handle. So I ask that you take it one step at a time. When it’s time to praise, I want you to focus on that weapon and wield it with all your heart. When it’s time to use the weapon of prophecy, then devote your mind and heart to that. The same principle applies to your spirit helpers: I’m not asking you to use every single one each day of your life from here on out, but to use each one as the need arises.
    39. You could even start with one. Pick one spirit helper you’d like to connect more personally with. Pick one spirit helper you want to learn more from. Then get to know them. Ask them to teach you how to fight. Ask them to be specific with you about the areas of your life they have the wisdom and power in. And then as you get to know them and work along with them, and begin to learn their art of war, you can soon focus on another spirit helper.
    40. Needs will always arise throughout your day that you can call on a specific spirit helper for. The key, as I said before, is to recognize the need, link it to the spirit helper who governs that area, and request help and counsel. As you become more active in working together with your spirit helpers, you will automatically be using this weapon in a more offensive way.
    41. I’m not trying to overwhelm you or make things more difficult for you by asking you to work more closely with your spirit helpers. I only ask it of you because I know it will be imperative in the days ahead. It will be vital to your survival. You need the help of those who can see things you can’t see, who can understand situations you can’t understand simply because you are in the flesh. You need their x-ray eyes, their pre-vision, their foresight, and their supernatural strength. The job ahead is simply too big for human hands. The battle is too life-threatening for you to fight it alone.
    42. This is why I’ve given you so many, many gifts from My Spirit. You have need of these things. You need them in order to better do your job for Me. You need them in order to reach the many more lost of the world. You need them in order to overcome the world, to rise above‚ and to remain separate. Without this added power of the gifts of My Spirit by your side, you simply could not make it.
    43. So it is in love and mercy that I give you these spirit helpers and that I ask you to work with them, to allow them to even work through you, to flow through you at times, offering you power‚ ability, and spiritual strength. They link hand in hand with Me and with every one of the spiritual weapons and truths I have given you. Without any of these new weapons you are incomplete.
    44. Do your best to get to know your spirit helpers, and do what you can to work more closely with them, and I will cause this weapon to come to the fore more in your life. You will become skilled in your use of it through faithful practice and honing of this skill. (End of message.)


    45. (Jesus:) Praise aids your spirit helpers in the battle for your life and spirit. Your praises strengthen My power within them. Praise enhances their power over you so that they can do their job of protecting you and strengthening you more easily.

    You Need Your Spirit Helpers–Work with Them
    46. (Jesus:) You have helpers of change who long to instruct you in the ways of acceptance and faith toward change. You have helpers of love who want to give you counsel and comfort in the art of love and wooing and winning and being a vessel for My love to come through. You have helpers who specialize in relating to others, strengthening the bonds of your love with others, and your communications with others. They yearn to speak to you on how you can reach out more, focus on others, and be Me for others in all of your interactions.
    47. You have helpers of encouragement who want to express words of praise and commendation to you, words of comfort and courage to help you with the walk ahead. You have helpers of anointing who want to help you take on the new anointing that I am extending to you. They have counsel to offer‚ tips to help you enhance your awareness of Me and My power around you. You have helpers of the future who want to speak to you of what lies ahead and how to begin preparing for those days right now. They want to help arm you in spirit and heart for the battles of tomorrow.
    48. So talk with them. Listen to them. Open your heart to hear what they have to say. They are powerhouses of instruction, insight, wisdom, revelation‚ understanding‚ knowledge, counsel, help, and much, much more!
    49. If you are spending time with your spirit helpers, and taking the time to stop, look, and listen to those who stand by your side in the spirit world, you will be partaking of more of My Spirit. You will gain an extra spiritual sense and awareness. You will find it easier to connect to the realm of the spirit. Even if you are taking sufficient time with Me, if you’re not also connected with your spirit helpers, then there will be a lack in your spiritual life.
    50. This is a new day, and I have said that the spiritual realm is merging with the physical realm every single day. Every day more and more of My Spirit is being revealed and imparted to you. All you have to do is reach up and receive, put off the cloaks of carnality, and take on My Spirit in all its fullness.
    51. Your spirit helpers are part of your new weapons for this new era. You have the keys, yes. You have the Word, yes. You have praise, prayer, and prophecy, yes. You have all of these and more. But to complete all these weapons you must also use your spirit helpers and avail yourself of their power. Their power must come to life in your life and spirit; their power must be activated in the battles you fight and in the victories you win.
    52. So keep calling out to them. Keep wooing them with your prayers and your desperation for their help. Let them know you love them and need them and can’t make it one day without them. Open your life to them and let them tend to the areas of your heart and mind that they have charge over. Let the angels of love teach you how to love. Let the angels of change instruct you in the ways of change. Let the angels of anointing show you the way of My Spirit.
    53. Open your life up, not only to Me and to your shepherds, but also to your warriors of the spirit. They have opened their lives up to you. They are ready to tell you anything you long to know. They are ready to show you anything you long to understand. They are eager, right by your side, practically begging you to let them speak. Especially right now during this time of change and revolution, during this time when the spiritual realm is taking a greater step closer to your lives of the flesh, they long to be called upon.
    54. Don’t let their talents and powers go to waste in your life by not availing yourself of what they have to give you. Your life could be so much richer, so much happier, so much more satisfying, and even more full of faith if you would connect more deeply with your spirit helpers. This is My plug for them. I want you to avail yourself of those who are giving their lives for you each and every day.
    55. You will only gain in every way by doing so. You will feel their spirits even becoming a part of your life as you listen to their counsel and obey their instruction. Their greatest talents and strengths will in time become your talents and strengths, as you are faithful to spend time with them. Sometimes I purposely do not give you the full answer or the full instruction on a certain topic, because I want you to also ask your spirit helpers for advice and counsel. I want you to also learn to work in teamwork with them, and not only Me.
    56. Yes, this has been your main focus–to put Me first, to ask Me everything, to spend quality time with Me, and I see you are faithful with this. You’ve grown tremendously in this way in the spirit. So now is the time to learn to work with your spirit helpers, to learn to spend time with them, to learn to focus on the powers of the spirit through their help and counsel. I promise to bless your life as you do. With each step you take to connect with them, with each effort you put forth to learn from them and communicate with them, I will bless you more abundantly with the attributes of their spirit.
    57. You will feel a greater awareness of their presence each time you talk with them. You’ll be drawing closer and closer to them‚ so that as the days of darkness and tribulation approach, you won’t only be one person in Me; you will be a thousand warriors in Me and them! You will have the spirits of a thousand saints living in your heart and your mind and your spirit. You will have their words running through you‚ their strengths compelling you–and that, coupled with My power, will make you an unbeatable force!
    58. Each weapon of the spirit enhances the other and they must all be used in order for the full power to be given. I tell you today that your spirit helpers are your new weapon of the spirit. You need to use them in conjunction with the keys and praise and prayer and prophecy and loving Me intimately and reading My Word and focusing on the power and memorizing, etc. They need to be used‚ otherwise none of these other weapons will be used to their full potential in your life. You will feel empowered, yes; you will have great power even if you aren’t using all of the new weapons, but never as much as you could have if you were faithful to put them all into practice.
    59. You need all of the new weapons. If you didn’t need them all and didn’t need to use them all, I wouldn’t have revealed them to you. However, while I’m instructing you that the new weapons link together, and they all complement one another and are important, there are times when you just use one new weapon, and that’s okay. It’s not good to neglect weapons, but it’s also impractical to feel that at every moment you have to be using them all. That’s unrealistic.
    60. But this is My plea to you to please call out to your spirit helpers and use them as the unbeatable weapons that they are! They love you so much and are giving their lives for you. Please open your life to them. Speak to them. Ask them questions that are on your heart. Give them time to talk with you and instruct you. They only wait for your openness to receive.
    61. Their hands are full and overflowing and they want to pour into you, but you need to empty your hands of what you hold right now and reach out to receive of them. Listen to them. You will not regret it. The benefits in your life will be innumerable, inestimable, and awesome beyond compare! I promise you will love it! (End of message.)

    62. (Mama:) I know that if you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time keeping up with the spirit helpers‚ remembering their names, finding out what they do and who they fight, etc., and the same with the details regarding the hinderers. But obviously the Lord wants us to make more of an effort in this area. It is hard for us, because we’re human and living in the realm of the flesh, but it’s essential.
    63. When you think about it, we take the trouble to learn the names of those we live with, or the names of those we witness to, or our friends and contacts. So we can do the same with our spirit helpers if we all will make more of a push to do so. Imagine how we’d feel if our friends or loved ones on Earth didn’t remember our names, or didn’t call us by our names. We’d probably be pretty sad and unhappy. Well, that’s how our spirit helpers must feel when we forget them. They know it’s difficult for us mortals to think of the spirit realm and learn about all of those within that world, but I’m sure they will be much happier–and certainly more empowered to help us–if we will make more of an effort to connect with them on a personal level.
    64. The Lord sure gave a lot of convincing arguments in the preceding messages, about why we need our spirit helpers so much and how we can benefit from them more. So let’s try to grow in this area together this year, shall we? As our Husband said, we will only gain by doing so!


    65. (Mama:) As a summary, here are some of the specific spirit helpers the Lord said that many of us have, in case you want to ask Him who your personal helpers are:
    — The angel of your thoughts, heart and conscience, who influences your thoughts and helps you to make the right choices and decisions.
    — Your guardian and protector angel.
    — Your prayer angel.
    — Your praise angel.
    — Your angel or spirit helper of change, who helps you adjust and adapt easily to changes.
    — Coaches for any physical challenges you are facing.
    — Spirit helpers or angels of love, to give you counsel in the art of love, and being a vessel of the Lord’s love to others.
    — Spirit helpers who specialize in relating to others, and communications.
    — Spirit helpers of encouragement.
    — Spirit helpers or angels of anointing.
    — Spirit helpers who show you the future and prepare you for it.


(New Spirit World Power!  [#3522])



Angels and demons

(From ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!–NO.8        DFO 1566 7/83)


  1. QUESTION: IT’S BELIEVED THAT ANGELS ARE ALREADY SAVED & DON’T EXPERIENCE SALVATION. But in the case of the fallen angels, because they have sinned & even though they believe in Jesus, isn’t it still necessary for them to also repent & receive Jesus to be saved, just like us, as they also have the free will of choice of good & evil, accepting Jesus or rejecting?–Sheba, S.E. Asia.



movies depicting evil spirits



  1. QUESTION: IN “THE TALISMAN" IT ASKS WHAT DO YOU DO TO GET RID OF EVIL SPIRITS. Sometimes I think even the sea is not the best place to rebuke them to as they continue to cause trouble. So how about praying that they get converted into angels, or is this not our business?–Joseph & Claudia, Europe.

ANSWER: THERE IS NO BIBLICAL RECORD OR PRECEDENT OF PRAYING FOR THEIR CONVERSION. They even defied Christ in person! So I’m convinced the truly evil rebellious angels of Satan, devils, as well as incorrigible evil human spirits, “Satan’s Saints" (see No.1423) will not repent without severe prolonged punishment like the Lake of Fire! (Rev.20:10,14,15) We are simply to rebuke them & cast them out. Ask the Lord where to send’m!–Mt.9:19.





  1. SO THE QUICKER YOU FIND OUT THAT YOU’RE NOT GOD, THE BETTER!–And you’re not even a god as the Devil promised! You’re sons of God & we will become like gods, like the lesser gods, so to speak, like Angels, even greater than Angels! Man was made a little lower than the Angels (Psa.8:5), but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stay there.
  2. WE’RE EVEN GOING TO JUDGE ANGELS, THINK OF THAT! (1Cor.6:3) Which Angels do you think we’re going to judge? (Fam: The Devil’s Angels, the bad Angels?) Well, that’s a possibility, but from what I gather, he’s cast into Hell & the Pit & all his demons with him & doesn’t come out again until the end of the Millennium. But it’s possible, it doesn’t specify which angels, & that is the usual interpretation.
  3. BUT IF A THIRD OF THE ANGELS COULD FALL ALONG WITH SATAN, & HE COULD LEAD A THIRD OF THEM ASTRAY, I therefore disagree with the preachers I’ve heard saying that Angels are like automatons or robots & have no will of their own, they just do the will of God. I’ve heard preachers preach like that, that they’re not like us, we are the only ones upon whom God conferred the majesty of choice & decision, to choose to serve the Lord! Well, we’re the only ones whom God saved this way.
  4. BUT IF THE ARCHANGEL OF ALL ANGELS, LUCIFER, THE LIGHTBEARER, THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD, COULD CHOOSE TO GO AGAINST HIM, & then a third of the Angels choose to follow him, don’t tell me the rest of the Angels don’t have any choice! It wouldn’t be to their credit that they stayed with the Lord, would it? About the only thing to your credit for being saved is that you made the choice. You reached out the hand of faith & accepted the gift. That’s not much credit, but God will give you credit for it by saving you. PTL!
  5. I BELIEVE ANGELS MUST HAVE CHOICE, SO DON’T YOU THINK THAT ANGELS COULD POSSIBLY SOMETIMES MAKE MISTAKES?–And if Angels can even make mistakes, what do you think about holy spirits? I think maybe a good word to call them that a lot of people understand would be the Saints, that’s what the Bible calls them. Of course, the Bible calls both Saints, the dead Saints & the living Saints. I don’t see how you can have any dead Saints myself, they’re all alive, either in this World or the Next, all around us in fact!



  1. THE NEXT WORLD IS ALREADY HERE, YOU KNOW, WE’RE IN IT!–WE JUST CAN’T SEE IT! The Other World, the Spirit World, is surrounding us! Someone wrote me a note not long ago saying that they envisioned Angels & Saints lining the stairs here! (Tongues) “O, have I not said that the sages of old & the Saints"–Lord forgive me, help me–“would have longed to see this day that thou dost see in the person of thy Father David, & hear the things that thou dost hear!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! My Lord, how the Lord could ever use me, I don’t know! I’m such a poor instrument, such a poor interpreter. Well anyhow, that’s the gist of it, that’s most of it. I guess that was enough. TYL!
  2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT SAGES ARE? The Lord used that word, isn’t that funny? I never use that word! Sages are wise old men, Patriarchs, Prophets. And someone was suggesting that at last they’re getting to see this day! They’re here!–All around us! Have you got a Scripture to confirm that? (Fam: “We are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses.") (Heb.12:1)
  3. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WATCHING US IT’S JUST LIKE A CLOUD! Do you know what a cloud’s composed of? (Fam: Lots of molecules of water.)–Right, tiny little bits of water, mist. A cloud is water mist, & that means it’s composed of billions of little droplets of water. So this great cloud of witnesses could stack up to more than just fill these stairs! Billions are watching you! They used to sing a song to scare us little kids to be good: “There’s an all-seeing Eye watching you, watching you!" Remember that one, Maria? Well, let me tell you, there’s not just one all-seeing Eye watching you, there are billions of all-seeing eyes watching you!–Watching all you do, thrilled & encouraged by your victories, a little disappointed & sad when you fail, praying for you.
  4. AND JUST THINK, ALL HEAVEN REJOICES WHEN EVEN ONE SINNER IS SAVED! (Lk.15:7,10) Praise God! My, we must have kept them rejoicing for quite awhile now with all the souls that our Family is saving all around the World almost continuously, they must be having a shouting time! But we don’t have to say “Up There"–they’re Up There too–but they’re also here, all around us!–Not only lining the balconies, they’re probably sitting on the ceiling & hanging on the light fixtures! Of course, they don’t have to hang on to anything, they can just float!–In fact, they don’t even have to be inside this building, they can see through it! They can be up there surrounding this building in the sky, beholding everything that’s going on in here!
  5. THOSE THINGS ARE REAL, BELOVED! I’m not just fantasising, imagining & having fantasies, this is what the Bible teaches! People that read & believe the Bible, like the Christians are supposed to & the church people are supposed to, if they’d read it & believe what they read, they’d know it too! The trouble with them is they can even read it but they don’t really believe it.
  6. –LIKE THAT GUY WHO SAID, “OH, YOU MEAN THOSE THINGS ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENED? You’ve got fotos of where they happened! (The Bible in Pictures–BIPs) You mean all those Bible stories are really true!"–And he’d been a church man all his life! It’s sort of like a fairy tale to them, Santa Claus & the fairies & all that sort of thing. But even the fairies are more real than that, more real than some of those guys are willing to admit. So they’re all around watching us, such a great cloud of witnesses! They rejoice when you have victories & they are sad when you fail.



  1. BUT IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE THAT HUMAN FRAILTY, THAT HUMAN WEAKNESS TO MAKE WRONG DECISIONS & TO FAIL, THEN THERE WOULD NOT BE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, the majesty of free will that God implanted in every heart, including, apparently, in the hearts of the Angels, to make a choice, to voluntarily love & serve Him. He does call us Love Slaves, Love Servants etc.–He didn’t, the Apostles did–but Jesus said, “I have not called you servants, but friends. For the Master doesn’t tell everything to His servants, His slaves." (Jn.15:15) He wanted you as friends, He wanted you as His Beloved, not only friends, but His Bride!
  2. OH BOY, THE CHURCH WANTS NO PART OF ME! I’ve talked about, “You’re the Bride of Christ, fuck Jesus! Fuck Jesus!" If you’re having a hard time going, ask for the Lord’s help, or ask for your spirit helper’s help! We often ask for Abrahim’s help, he really likes to fuck!
  3. DO YOU MEAN, THEN, THAT IF ANGELS & HOLY SPIRITS HAVE CHOICES, THAT THEY ALSO MAY HAVE TEMPTATIONS & MAYBE THEY MAKE A MISTAKE ONCE IN AWHILE? You’ve seen those funny little comic strips about Barnaby & Casper the Ghost. Barnaby is an amateur ghost & Casper is a baby ghost, & then you’ve seen some other movies about these guys who are ghosts & they were sent on assignments & they made funny mistakes & they didn’t always do everything perfectly.
  4. BECAUSE THOSE HOLY SPIRITS, THE SAINTS, ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE YOU & ME!–And just because you suddenly get a spirit body in the Next World & you suddenly have some powers you didn’t have before, such as appearing & disappearing & walking through walls & flying & a few things like that, sorry to have to tell you this to your great disappointment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never again make a mistake or never again make perhaps the wrong choice!
  5. I THINK WE HAVE TRIED TO PROVE TO YOU HERE THAT IN THE NEXT WORLD WE ARE STILL LEARNING, still developing, & we are not yet absolutely perfect. We will be the spirits of just men, in other words good men, made perfect (Heb.12:23)–but when? We’re being made perfect. The Greek often uses the continuative tense, which reminds me of another verse which the Holiness people often use about their holy perfection. It says something about being made holy & perfect etc. They say, “See there? We’re supposed to be absolutely holy, attain sinless perfection & be made absolutely perfect!" But you see, they don’t know the Greek! The Greek uses a tense there which says you keep being made perfect. I’m forgetting some of my Greek, but there’s a word for that tense. I’ve always had to explain it to people because they don’t know the Greek either, it’s a continuative tense, it means, “I am being made perfect."


(We’ve Got a Lot to Learn! [#2054])


Extra reading:


God:   I love to communicate with people, but I will admit “fun” isn’t the word to describe every aspect of it. It can often be hard work.

Interviewer:   So who are these “agents” You referred to?

God:   There are two general classes of agents that help Me in My work: angels and spirits. Angels are supernatural beings of many sorts with various functions. Spirits are former or future spirits of humans who have or will spend time on earth in a human body. Although they lack some of the power of angels, they have a greater understanding of mankind.

Interviewer:   Fascinating!

God:   Glad you think so.

Interviewer:   I assume these all live in Heaven. Where exactly is that?

God:   They all dwell in the spiritual dimension where Heaven is located right now.

Interviewer:   You say right now as though that is going to change.

God:   It will, somewhat.

Interviewer:   And how is that?

God:   Eventually Heaven will come to earth.

Interviewer:   This is extremely intriguing. What exactly do You mean by “come to earth”?

God:   In the course of time, I will transform the earth’s surface into a paradise that will surpass even the original Garden of Eden in beauty. Then upon that paradise will descend a city of enormous dimensions. Those who live there will not be confined to living within it, but will be able to travel throughout all the physical and spiritual realms. The beauty of this city will be unsurpassed.

Interviewer:   When will this happen?

God:   Over a thousand years from now.

Interviewer:   Good Lord, that is a terribly long time to wait!

God:   Nice of you to call Me good!

Interviewer:   Yes, well, of course that is just an expression. First time I have used that when I actually was talking to the good Lord. But I must say that is a long time to wait.

God:   You don’t have to wait to live there, but it will be over a thousand years before it comes to earth.

Interviewer:   So this … this city, is going to be Heaven?

God:   It is part of Heaven-the central core, so to speak. But it is by no means the be all and end all of Heaven.

Interviewer:   It seems You are not telling the full story.

God:   It would be impossible to tell the full story here, but I will tell you more about it in a later interview.

Interviewer:   A later interview?

God:   Yes. We’ve just made a start here. There is still much to cover. You didn’t think you could confine an interview with God to just one sitting, did you?

Interviewer:   Why I … I mean, I never really considered that You would consent to this first interview, let alone come back for another. I am very pleasantly surprised.

God:   Life is full of surprises, and I am glad this one was enjoyable.

Interviewer:   Then on behalf of my readers, if I ever have any, let me say thank You.

God:   You are more than welcome. And I look forward to covering all sorts of issues with you.

Interviewer:   It has been a pleasure.

And so my first interview with God was over, with the promise of more to come. I looked over what was said and it seemed to make sense to me. I asked a few others for their opinions, and they also seemed to like it, so I guess I wasn’t nuts to try it. I hope you found His answers as fascinating as I did.



Angels and Spirits


Interview Two


Interviewer:   In the last interview we touched on a variety of subjects. I hope You don’t mind if we try to cover some of these more in depth?

God:   Not at all!

Interviewer:   One subject that has received a tremendous amount of press and attention in recent years is the subject of angels. It seems every bookstore has walls lined with an endless number of books about them, not to mention the TV shows and even movies. I think this plethora of material about them just leaves most people a bit overwhelmed and unsure of what’s truth and what’s fiction.

God:   I agree.

Interviewer:   It would be wonderful if You, being the one who really is the expert on the subject, could set the record straight.

God:   I would be happy to. What would you like to know?

Interviewer:   For starters, what do they look like?

God:   They come in a variety of … I started to say shapes and sizes, but that hardly does them justice.

Interviewer:   So there is a variety. They are not all just the same plain vanilla angels.

God:   My goodness, no. Plain vanilla?

Interviewer:   I’m sorry! By that I was asking if they are all more or less the same, like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. … Oh, I apologize again.

God:   You may have offended a few talking like that. Although they’re of the same basic essence, there is an infinite variety of angels, with some having more specialized tasks. Thus their looks and powers vary.

Interviewer:   You say powers?

God:   Yes, they all have powers, but their powers differ depending on the tasks they fulfill.

Interviewer:   And what would be these tasks?

God:   For instance, each person on earth is assigned a personal angel to be his or her spiritual guardian.

Interviewer:   I can see the good guys having one, but You are saying that even bad people have one?

God:   Yes.

Interviewer:   Why?

God:   I love each and every person, so I assign angels to try to help him or her. Some people don’t appreciate it, though, and because of their choices in life, their angels are hard pressed to achieve much good in their lives.

Interviewer:   So why have them stick around?

God:   To try to help as much as they can. Each person has moments of goodness-even the worst person-and the angels capitalize on that.

Interviewer:   So You are saying that things could be much worse if these angels weren’t helping?

God:   Yes.

Interviewer:   It would seem a pretty thankless task in many instances.

God:   Indeed, but that is what they are needed to do, so they are content to try to achieve as much good as they can, even when the odds are long.

Interviewer:   You use the term “guardian.” That would indicate that they have some sort of protective function?

God:   Yes. They try as much as possible to protect their charges, but they have to operate within certain boundaries. It helps immensely if they get the cooperation of their charges.

Interviewer:   How exactly would that be?

God:   If the person they are responsible for operates within the bounds of common sense, that’s a start. But much more than that, it helps if their charges make an effort to listen to their guidance.

Interviewer:   So the angels are communicating with us?

God:   They are most certainly trying to. They do all they can to get through, but it’s like calling someone on the phone. It does no good unless the other party answers.

Interviewer:   So how does one answer?

God:   By stopping to listen. That voice within that you hear is often your angel trying to get through to you. Another word for it is your conscience.

Interviewer:   You are saying that the voice of conscience is actually angels?

God:   More often than not, yes; or others of My agents. Their voices are not the only ones rattling around in people’s heads, but they are certainly some of them and their voices are distinctive.

Interviewer:   In what way?

God:   They are the ones trying to get you to do the right thing.

Interviewer:   In the previous interview, You said this was You speaking to us.

God:   It is. Sometimes I speak directly; other times I go through one of My agents, which I explained are angels or spirits that I send.

Interviewer:   I would like to ask more about spirits later if I may, but for now let’s finish up with angels. Besides guardian angels, what other types of angels are there?

God:   Some have more power than others and their types of ministry also vary. Some are known by various names on earth, such as seraphim and cherubim.

Interviewer:   Oh, cherubs-the little baby cupid-like angels.

God:   That is a complete misconception. In reality, My cherubim are huge, mighty, and carry much responsibility. They are not little babies.

Interviewer:   Could You explain more about angels’ ministries and how their power varies?

God:   Some are the equivalent of soldiers. They are in combat with the forces of evil. There is a war of the worlds going on, with the good angels and good spirits on one side (My side, you might say), and the fallen angels (which are also called demons) and bad spirits on the other side. This is a war unseen by you, but you see its effects. It is a conflict that takes place in the realm of the spirit, which coexists with your material world. Those in the spirit world can see what is going on in the material, but they are limited in how they can interact with it.

Interviewer:   And who’s winning the war?

God:   The angels! But-and here is a little-understood secret-their ability to overcome depends on the prayers of mankind.

Interviewer:   You are saying that we control their powers?

God:   Control is not the right word. You supplement and magnify their abilities. They do derive a great deal of power from the material world via your prayers. When you pray for a certain situation, then their ability to intervene in that situation is increased dramatically. And the more effort that you exert in your prayers, the more they can do.

Interviewer:   So we should pray to the angels to…

God:   No, not to the angels. The prayer is to be directed to Me. The prayers that are prayed are then transformed into spiritual energy and transferred to those angels or spirits involved in helping that situation.

Interviewer:   But I think all of us have experienced times when we have prayed-sometimes intensely-for a situation, but it didn’t seem to improve.

God:   Well, there are many factors involved, and thus things can get rather intricate. However, I think you would have to admit that there are times when you have prayed and there were results. You can’t always try to grade Me or the effect of your prayers by their seeming success or failure. All your prayers are effective. Even if the situation doesn’t turn out as expected, the prayers were used to affect the outcome in some positive way, whether that is apparent or not. Just think of how badly things could have turned out if you hadn’t prayed at all.

Interviewer:   Indeed, that is a positive way to look at it. But since good does not always triumph, so to speak, even when there are lots of prayers involved, it does give the impression that You and Your forces are far from omnipotent.

God:   That can sometimes be the impression, but I assure you it is not so.

Interviewer:   Then it doesn’t seem fair to me that bad things happen to innocent people when You could make everything right, supposedly with the tip of Your finger.

God:   Why do you assume that the “bad” is indeed bad?

Interviewer:   Because it is obvious, or at least it seems obvious, that when innocent people are hurt, maimed, killed, made homeless, or see those close to them receive similar treatment, that it is bad. There seems no good to it at all.

God:   That is caused largely by man’s inhumanity to man. That is not My doing.

Interviewer:   Granted, but You could intervene and stop it.

God:   But I have given man free choice. It wouldn’t be free if I intervened.

Interviewer:   Perhaps this free choice wasn’t such a good idea, if because of it there is suffering.

God:   Do you think it would be better if I had created man as an automaton, programmed to do exactly what I command?

Interviewer:   Well, no, I guess not. You have a point there.

God:   I wanted a free being who could choose to love Me and love his fellow man. It was important that man had total freedom to make his own choices, in order to have the ability to love Me and those I put in his path, to do good wholeheartedly and not as a machine. However, many misuse this freedom. They make the wrong choices, and much hurt results.

Interviewer:   Are You saying You never interfere when You see people hurting other people?

God:   In many cases I have stepped in, particularly in answer to prayers, and prevented more damage being done than would have been done otherwise. This is primarily done through My agents trying to get through to the hearts of the people involved, in order to persuade them to make the right choices that will undo the wrong or prevent it from happening in the first place. But if people refuse to listen, there’s not that much we up here can do. I don’t force people to do good, or again, it wouldn’t be free choice anymore.

Interviewer:   Well, I still don’t understand why You can’t interfere more when You see extreme suffering. It seems that people would appreciate it.

God:   I sympathize entirely with those who hold this misconception. I know it is very hard to understand. It has been the thing that people have cursed Me for from the beginning of time: “Why, God, why? If You are great and powerful, You could have done something.” But they feel this way because they are shortsighted.

I do try to influence people to do good-as I just explained-or things would be much worse than they are. But in other cases, people don’t understand that often by allowing difficulties and hardships I am working in their lives and the lives of all the others involved to bring about a greater good. Difficulties can shape your character for good in ways that nothing else can. Sometimes the good manifests itself right away; other times it’s something that may never be evident in your current life.

Interviewer:   Current life? What do You mean by that?

God:   This life is not the end. It is a very transient phase in your existence, but it is in this phase and only in this phase that certain things can be experienced and the benefits derived from them. If you look at the overall scheme of things, the big picture, including eternity, there is a long life after the one you are now in, and many accounts will be balanced later. The good will be rewarded. The unjust will be punished. All will be made right; all will be settled. It is a matter of trust. I ask you to trust Me that I know what I am doing and that the end result is worth it.

Interviewer:   I can tell that this is an emotional issue with You as well.

God:   A very emotional issue. I do have emotions and I am not beyond being hurt. Part of love is being vulnerable, and because I am love I am vulnerable to hurt. But the fact that I can be hurt does not mean I can be conquered. I remain invincible, and in the end, all that I have planned will come to pass. True justice and love will triumph; you will see.

Interviewer:   So why? Why the hurt and suffering?

God:   I just tried to explain but I see that you didn’t understand. Pain and suffering are indeed “bad” things and they will eventually be done away with. But at the same time there are certain aspects of the character of mankind that can only be shaped by seemingly negative things like this. Those who have known these things are “greater” than those that have not-not because they are necessarily better people but because they know what it is like to be on the receiving end of these things. I know I am making a sweeping statement here that might not seem to hold true in all cases, but nevertheless it does hold true. However, there are always many other factors involved that can affect what could be considered the desired outcome.

Interviewer:   So You are saying that at the end of the day we have to trust You, even if it doesn’t seem that what is happening is right and good?

God:   Yes, it comes down to that. Even when it is very hard to understand, please trust Me. Remember that life is not always so hard to bear. Sometimes things go well for you, don’t they?

Interviewer:   Yes. But those are not the times that we feel we need Your help or an explanation.

God:   So I get blamed for the bad, but not thanked for the good?

Interviewer:   Unfortunately that seems to be the case, and I concede that is very unfair. I admire Your patience with us all.

God:   Contrary to popular opinion, being God isn’t easy! Shall we get back to angels?

Interviewer:   Yes, that would be nice. Are there different levels of authority? A command structure, so to speak?

God:   Yes, there are angels and over them are archangels. Then there are other angels who have specialized tasks, that have charge over My throne or over certain places.

Interviewer:   Do these look different than the others?

God:   Yes, but these are spiritual entities, so to describe them by describing physical characteristics is a bit futile. They can assume physical characteristics, but that is not their normal form.

Interviewer:   We picture them as having wings and halos, but otherwise bodies similar to ours.

God:   They do appear as having those things and they have been described accurately, for that is one form they manifest themselves in, to mankind. But they are not limited to those manifestations.

Interviewer:   So why the wings? Do they signify anything?

God:   Angels do not always appear with wings. When they do, some have two, some four, and some even six. The wings are manifestations of their powers, the abilities that they have to do things that man cannot. Man has always wanted to fly, and so to see these wonderful creatures that are not bound to the earth has inspired awe and wonder. I even inspired and instructed craftsmen and artists in the past to represent My angels as having wings.

Interviewer:   Was that for a more primitive time?

God:   “Primitive” is a misnomer. Less advanced in some fields of science and technology maybe, but I would say the horrors that man perpetrates today are more primitive and extreme in their barbarity than much that occurred during man’s earlier tenure on earth. But that is another subject.

Interviewer:   Do angels have names?

God:   Yes. Some of them you know from biblical and other accounts, such as Gabriel and Michael.

Interviewer:   Are there other names we could be told?

God:   Yes, but I would like to keep that for a little later if I may.

Interviewer:   Of course, if You wish. I hope You don’t mind but there is one… Well, to be honest I feel a bit silly asking this question, but it is one of those questions that has come up about angels. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

God:   You are right, silly question. But since you asked, the answer is none.

Interviewer:   None?

God:   Yes. None of them are silly enough to try dancing on pinheads.

Interviewer:   Oh. I should have expected that. So tell me now about spirits. How does a departed human end up with the job of being a spirit?

God:   All departed humans are spirits. The grave is not the end of a person’s life. Each person’s spirit continues to live after the body dies; it’s just that different ones live in different places. How they end up with various jobs in their spirit stage depends on a lot of things. First, it all depends on where you decide you want to end up-Heaven or Hell. In Hell there are not many openings for jobs-at least not if you want to work for Me.

Interviewer:   I don’t think many of us would want a job there.

God:   Yes, I assure you most people would rather not. As far as those in Heaven, their desires in the matter are a big determining factor.

Interviewer:   I suppose some would look at Heaven as the ultimate vacation destination and wouldn’t be too interested in getting a “job,” but would rather just relax and kick up their heels.

God:   (Chuckles.) Yes, most true! Some of them really don’t want to get down to any work for quite a while, and I can hardly blame them for that. But all play can be unfulfilling after a while, and then they want to get into doing something. Work is a lot more pleasurable in the heavenly realm and for most it is infinitely more rewarding than the drudgery many put up with on earth. Whatever they work at has eternal meaning and benefits. It is not as on earth, where much that you do one day has to be repeated the next to little avail.

Interviewer:   So what kind of job openings would one find in the heavenly classifieds?

God:   What kind of job would you like?

Interviewer:   Something in an advisory capacity perhaps.

God:   Perhaps we could find something for you in the “bad jokes” department. (Chuckles.) But seriously, there are innumerable opportunities. If you want to go into something advisory, how about working as a spirit helper to someone still on earth? That is a function of many spirits.

Interviewer:   But I thought that each person had a guardian angel. Why would they need help from spirits too?

God:   The spirits have more of a specialist instructor role. They are usually sent for some specific purpose, and that purpose can be long or shortterm. The guardian angel, though, is a permanent assignment.

Interviewer:   Can You elaborate on what the “specialist instructor” does?

God:   Well, say there is a specific task that someone has. Writing a book might be one. The assigned spirit would normally bring some expertise to the subject-perhaps an intimate knowledge of the subject of the book, or perhaps a talent for writing.

Interviewer:   Would anybody who sat down to write a book get one of these helpers?

God:   No, not necessarily. There would have to be a compelling reason for sending a spirit to help, and usually it would in some way be to serve My overall purpose for mankind.

Interviewer:   Which is?

God:   My goodness, didn’t we cover that? Why, to get as many people as possible to eventually come live in Heaven.

Interviewer:   So in the case of the writer, these helping spirits would be trying in some way to get the writer to say something in his book like, “Want to go to Heaven?”

God:   Not exactly, but they would at least be trying to help the writer say something that might get his readers thinking in some way about the reality of the spirit world, or of Me. Or even trying to get them at least to want to do some good in the world, help their fellow man, be a bit more-or a lot more-altruistic or kind or just or show more consideration to others. Things along these lines. These are all manifestations of love, which are manifestations of Me.

Interviewer:   But knowing how difficult it seems for us here to stay attuned to the spiritual, it must be a very frustrating assignment to be a spiritual companion to someone on earth.

God:   It can be, but when the person is in tune and everything goes as it should, it is one of the most rewarding experiences there can be. Oftentimes the spirits ask to be assigned to someone they have an affinity with-a descendant or relative, a friend, someone who has similar interests, even one’s spouse or children. Aside from deriving pleasure out of just plain helping someone they like and love, they in a sense also get to live their lives over and help that person succeed at something they didn’t or accomplish something that they had always wanted to.

Sometimes they can get a little too eager and some of their thoughts and memories of their lives on earth are transferred to their charge. It can seem to the one on the receiving end that he or she is getting a flashback of a former life.

Interviewer:   Does this explain the theory of reincarnation then?

God:   Yes, it does. Those people getting thoughts of another life are actually experiencing the memories of a previous lifetime as though they themselves have lived before. In reality, they are usually the memories of the spirit helping them.

Interviewer:   Are the spirit guides out of line in projecting their thoughts like this?

God:   Once in awhile, yes, but mostly it happens accidentally. The trouble is, once those thoughts are in the mind of the one on earth, they are there permanently. Although not in conscious mind all the time, these memories can be activated by things like hypnotism or some sort of trauma, or even by something positive emotionally. This can lead to some rather complicated situations.

Interviewer:   And some rather mixed-up people through no fault of their own.

God:   Well, you can’t draw such sweeping conclusions. Although there is some fault on the spirit’s side, a lot of people make the wrong assumption. A little more caution and level-headedness might cause them to consider the evidence more thoughtfully and not jump to conclusions.

Interviewer:   Any last word about angels and spirits?

God:   Are we drawing to a close already? Time flies. We who live in eternity are not constrained by time, but that is another subject too. Hopefully that will whet your appetite for more.

To close on angels and spirits, I would like to say that all the forces of Heaven are fighting for the right. Although it may at times look as though the other side is winning, My angels are much stronger and more numerous than the fallen ones, and My plan will not fail to come to pass. Good will triumph and the victory of My heavenly forces is assured. So you may in full confidence put your money on My side as being the one to win eventually. In fact, you can bet your life on it.

Interviewer:   I am sure the readers will appreciate that hot tip. Thank You for coming again. Can we look forward to more of these tête-à-têtes?

God:   Most assuredly.

(GOD on GOD [#087])




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