"No matter what my heart will be Yours forever and I will fight till the day I see You again. 愛是生命的動力!!! 信心!謙卑!希望! Love is the driving force of life!!! Confidence! Humility! Hope! "Love complete my life of living! The Spirit of Love never fails, and miracles happen when you have the faith to believe in love! Be true to what God has put in your heart and don't look to the left or to the right. Stay focused on what God says! Be calm and stable, but passionate with enthusiasm!


Michael Basham's Mother Ship

(Jesus:) The Wildcats of Heaven are an awesome army of fighters that you don’t call on nearly enough. They specialize in defeating the Enemy in any battle, and in making short work of it. They are an army that will defeat and scatter the Enemy anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances.

83.I call them in when I need an instant and decisive victory, when I need the battlefield cleansed of the Enemy and victory won in a moment. They possess My raw power and will to fight in such quantity that they can never be defeated or even delayed. The moment they set out to battle, their roar lets the Enemy know that his end is near. But before he can decide on what to do, or even turn around to run, they’re upon him, tearing his power to shreds and claiming instant victory.

84.They carry a special…

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